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Juneau Car Rental Company has been serving our cruise ship customers for the last nine years by providing a pickup location at Dock A (the AJ dock). Due to unexpected circumstances, we will no longer have an office at this dock.

Starting this year, we will be providing a shuttle service from the cruise ship docks to our main office that is located about 2 miles from the Mendenhall Glacier. 

You will be provided a map with your reservation confirmation that will provide you directions to where you will wait for the shuttle.  Locations are next to the cruise ship docks. Our shuttle will pick up at the locations every 2 hours beginning at 8am.  The return shuttle will operate from our main office where you will pick up your car on the same 2 hour interval through 8pm.

If your disembarking time doesn’t match up with our shuttle pick up times, our recommendation is to take advantage of the downtown Juneau shops and restaurants, the Tram, and multiple museums to occupy the time until the next shuttle.

To try to make it more convenient for our cruise ship customers, we will do our best to leave a car for you to pick up in a parking lot near by your ship. If you are able to call us from the port you will be in prior to Juneau, we can tell you at that time if we will be able to provide this service.  We won’t know until the day before your reservation as this will be based on staffing.  If we are able to do this, we will email you those instructions.


Thank you and we look forward to meeting you all this season.


Dwight Efird/OWNER

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